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  • Kimmy V

    Home Theater Room ideas

  • Heather Braman Gaton

    Pillow media room. My old bones would be uncomfortable but it would be fun for kids. Love the idea of a fireplace in the movie room, though. Imagine Christmas movies!

  • lovejenny8

    Pillow room.. don't spend money on couches or lounge chairs. yes please. and that fireplace is awesome. living room comfy home theater ideas

  • Andrea Wallace

    Dream house idea!! pillow room: don't spend money on couches or lounge chairs and buy a really nice movie screen.

  • Jessica T

    Spare room = pillow movie room! Don't spend money on couches or lounge chairs rather, buy a nice movie screen & fill the room with a ton a large pillows! Great idea!

  • Home & Decor Ideas

    this living room is a home theater room with scattered floor cushions - looks comfy!

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love the plant cluster and the light

Home of Anne Louise Breiner| via a merry mishap blog| Styled by Rikke Graaf Juel and shot by Frederikke Heiberg

I'm a little irritated with myself that this is Dooce's living room, but it's pretty nice.

Enchanting, but there is something kind of off about that stool. It's creepy. Ignore that stool.

Really love the look of my Swim. Board altogether, it's fresh and beautiful ♥ Please check it out xo

Really interesting. The built-ins could be made with some regular shelving units and crown molding. The bed/couch doesn't necessarily need to be built in (a simple removable day bed would probably also look nice) but I love it like this.

Very cozy looking oversized couch with big puffy pillows would look so comfortable and be practical because you would use it so much. Not too sloppy looking either, just more casual

@Charlotte Willner Skiba Maybe the front room one day... in front of the fireplace, after its been painted white.

What a wonderful warm "glow" of candles! They sure can set the mood and give this monochromatic setting a cozy feeling.

A company called Blandito has designed a circular, foldable pillow that can be manipulated into many shapes (bed, chair, cubbies of different kinds.) Extra larges for adults as well as children's size. I can see this being great biofeedback for sensory averse/craving children. Too bad it's still in the design phase!

layering of rugs, gallery wall of artwork, blue and neutral palette with accents of black and gold.