Continent-Cloud", by Rivane Neuenschwander, is an illuminated ceiling on which beans are pushed around by intermittently placed fans, and the roof of the gallery morphs into moving landmasses or shapes.

Time projection by Adam Martinakis - how would i feel if there were two other dimensions depicted here


/ 光の織機 (Canon Milano Salone 2011)

kenzo by Mazarine

In Milky Way - Breath, artist Mihoko Ogaki takes the mystery of the night sky and combines it with sculptures of the human body. Each figure is formed out of plastic and then embedded with bright LEDs, which shine through thousands of little holes and illuminate the surrounding walls. The results are a bright starry sky, projected outward from the dying figures.

Installation by Leo Villareal - Light Show at the Hayward Gallery,

Buenos Aires-based artist Leandro Erlich’s “La Vitrina Cloud Collection” gives us a surreal taste of what capturing a cloud in glass would look like. Using the artistic method of layering, Erlich's sculptural pieces are given a three-dimensionality. Each "captured cloud" is the illusionary result of numerous panes of glass that are individually embellished with acrylics.

Stage Designer - Brack, Katrin - Pictures - Goethe-Institut

Faust, Fragmentos - primeira parte, Goethe, direção de Giorgio Strehler, cenografia a partir de desenhos de Svoboda, Pequeno Teatro de Milão

TROIKA for Interior 2012


Robert Irwin at Secession

Onishi Yasuaki / 大西康明

Yayoi Kusama’s Mirror and LED Light Installations | 20 Times That Art And Design Inspired Awe In 2013

Lucio Fontana - Neon structure - An orbital-looking perspective of neon lights in organic shape - meeting in the center - moment of awe.

kinetic installation composed of triangular mirrors that move vertically and rotate around two axes in a complex choreo­graphy of flowing three-dimensional structures. Their physical movement is enhanced with ceiling lighting and an interplay between the reflective triangles and the dark, overlapping shadows they cast on the floor. | JOACHIM SATER

Alicia Basinger recently installed Replicas, a light installation that utilizes the entire ceiling space of the Kirkland Art Center’s main staircase entrance. This structure consists of thousands of white cylinders of various sizes dipped into acrylic and sewn together. The result of this process is an architectural form that resembles a chaotic hand built honeycomb. Each cylinder or cell stores light.

Fabulous large-scale light sculpture, 'Cloud' by Caitlind Brown made from over 5,000 repurposed light bulbs and pull strings allowing viewers to interact. [If I could somehow get this happening on the big day. . I'm laughing]

Installation, Dirimart Gallery, Instanbul, 2011 - by Peter Kogler

Jae-Hyo Lee