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Nebraska supercell: The sun shines under a long-lived supercell, a type of thunderstorm, moving across northeast Nebraska

Super cell thunderstorm

A supercell thunderstorm rolls across the Montana prairie at sunset. (Photo and caption by Sean Heavey)

a supercell is a swirling updraft involving violent thunderstorms.

Supercell Thunderstorm in Nebraska

Supercell Thunderstorm Over Ancona, Italy #supercell thunderstorm #weather #nature

Mammatus clouds over Nebraska, an after effect of tornadoes. - via Don Halbert's photo on Google+

Lenticular cloud, Russia. Captured just at the right moment, when the sun is directly striking the bottom of the cloud and light is refracted through the top of the cloud. It gives an amazing two-tone effect.

#nebraska twilight supercell.


Shelf Cloud associated with supercell thunderstorm near Kearney.

stacked supercell with lightning, Kansas -

Supercell is the name given to a continuously rotating updraft deep within a severe thunderstorm (a mesocyclone) and looks downright scary. They are usually isolated storms, which can last for hours, and sometimes can split in two, with one storm going to the left of the wind and one to the right.

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Spectacular HP 'high precipitation' supercell thunderstorm (c) Extreme Instability



A lightning bolt strikes through a rainbow during a thunderstorm

A tornado in Bradshaw, Nebraska