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A Flower For Every Occasion #Infographic #Flower

A Flower For Every Occasion #Infographic

A Flower For Every Occasion #Infographic #Flower

Air plant bouquet! Photo: Christy Cassano-Meyer

"Muscinae" from Ernst Haeckel's

"Isn't this GORGEOUS!!??!!?? We can buy a "realistic" eyeball and distress it! Lets shoot for 8? How much do you think it would cost?"--

I love, love, love this home. It deserves a board of its own, but for lack of a better place, here it goes...

did-you-kno: Physalis alkekengi, known as the Chinese and Japanese Lantern plant, is seen as a symbol of ‘life within death.’ It blooms in the winter and dries up in the spring, revealing the bright red fruit that lives inside its arid petals. Source

Bury Your Troubles in the Dirt With Kincaid Plant Markers.

Gardens of Death and Other Horticultural Marvels!

Alnwick Poison Gardens. The gardens were established on a small patch of a palatial estate in 2005 by the Duchess of Northumberland who's affinity for the apothecary gardens of yesteryear inspired the collection of nearly 100 deadly and hallucinogenic plants.

Roger's Gardens Halloween display-goth up your greenhouse?