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  • Maya Shakur

    Directoire and Empire Period Costume for Women. This is a pair of silk evening slippers that tied around the ankle. Some lacings went all the way up to the knee.

  • Kimberly Diaz

    Historical Fashion #4- Evening slippers..

  • Catherina Terpstra

    Evening Slippers 1835-1845 The Metropolitan Museum of Art

  • Julia Dalton

    Green silk evening slippers, probably American, 1835-1845. In the first three decades of the 19th century, evening slippers were often worn in both bright and pastel colors. As tastes changed and skirts lengthened to obscure the feet, less attention fell on footwear and black and white satin slippers became predominant. The grass green of this pair of shoes was one of the few bright colors which persisted for evening wear into the 1840s, albeit a distant third behind white and black judging from surviving examples and accounts. Although this basic form remained the standard evening slipper for over fifty years, one can see the distinctive wide square toe commonly worn around 1840 in this example.

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