sugarfoot tv show pictures | Will Hutchins as Tom Sugarfoot Brewster, 1958.

Will Hutchins as 'Sugarfoot'

Will Hutchins


"Sugarfoot" Will Hutchins Sugarfoot is the title of a TV western that aired from 1957 to 1961. The series featured Will Hutchins as fledgling frontier lawyer Tom Brewster and Jack Elam as sidekick Toothy Thompson. Brewster was a correspondence-school graduate whose apparent lack of cowboy skills earned him the peculiar nickname "Sugarfoot".

WILL HUTCHINS - good looking cowboy in the early 60's. if you remember the TV show "Sugarfoot" .....That was him.

ABC-TV western Sugarfoot (1957-1961) starring Will Hutchins as Tom 'Sugarfoot' Brewster, a lawyer with a correspondence school law degree who moves out west to practice his trade.

Will Hutchins in Sugarfoot

Will "Sugarfoot" Hutchins

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