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Sunday Adelaja - "Success in life is impossible without relationships". relationships, success, impossible

Sunday Adelaja - "No one and nothing can successfully exist and develop without God". success

Sunday Adelaja - "Never look back on yesterday�s success". success, success-quotes

Sunday Adelaja - "It is impossible to acquire the joy of success without God". success

Sunday Adelaja - "The success of a team depends on interrelationship within". success, team

Sunday Adelaja - "We are not the ones who will achieve success and put this world to shame, but God...". success, shame, achieve

Pastor Adelaja Sunday - "Do not seek popularity or self-affirmation; just show people God�s love and mercy,...". success, motivation, service, building, love, selflessness

Sunday Adelaja - "People who have experienced limited amount of success could be intimidated into thinking...". god, success, people, thinking, will, experienced, limited, increase, could, amount, intimated

Sunday Adelaja - "Success causes others to be jealous and hate". success, jealousy, hatred

Sunday Adelaja - "People fail because they are ignorant of the laws of success". success, people, ignorant, fail