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Prince Phillip from Disney's Sleeping Beauty! No sew diy- I used black pants and shirt, grey t shirt on top, his big brothers long sleeve red shirt as a cape. Golden paper plate to cut out buttons and buckle, dollar store crown (he decorated) and gold ribbon leftovers for belt and bunching/tying the cape! I could have made the feathered red hat out of red construction paper but he insisted on a gold crown. Happy Purim!

Village Hat Shop Gallery :: Chapter 1 - Ancient Egyptian :: Illustrations of the different hat styles of the Ancient Egyptians. (1 of 3)

Betsy Youngquist is an American artist. Her mixed media beadwork weaves together the human & animal spirit through a surrealistic light. She often collaborates with sculptor R.Scott Long in designing the forms. Each work is carved in detail & the surfaces are covered with beads, sometimes using parts of old porcelain dolls.

Wood sign, home decor, buttons, string art, wire, shabby chic, nursery, baby shower gift, kids room, play room, bedroom, baby gift, unique ** This particular piece is my own original design. 24in x 24in - reclaimed wood adorned with various sized pastel buttons, string and nails for the basket, and wiring for the quote "let you dreams take flight." This is not a replication of anything found online unless you find someone copying Nailed It! Custom Crafts design.