apology accepted.

Don't bother apologizing...

#Positivity #inspiration Everyday that you wake up look in the mirror and say this to yourself! You WILL have said it enough and you WILL end up believing what you are telling yourself! Self-confidence is the most beautiful thing a women can truly have! Once you have mastered yourself you WILL be able to appreciate and TRULY love the people around you!

A true relationship... love quote past future accept relationship lovequote support


don't ever mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance and my kindness for weakness .

Never apologize for being you.

True say...

This is True...

so true


Beautiful People





So True!!!!

Different opinions. Respect them even if you don't agree.


i might have to agree with this.

If a person doesn’t want to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions, they may try to blame others. Don’t accept blame or try to fix things for them when you’ve done nothing wrong. They need to learn that if they want different outcomes, they will have to make different choices.