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sand furrows and shells

Sand Dollars

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White Sands

sand dollar

Sand dollars...

DIY Starfish Candles to decorate your picnic table // Taste of Home

Everyday Beach Life

Sand dollars. Sea stars.

Legend of the Sand Dollar 89-T by cherokee1960, via Flickr

Tattoo by Matteo Pasqualin - I like the sand with the white caps of the water over it. very neat detail

By lisaluvz #stones

Live Sand Dollars. Most people probably don't realize that sand dollars are not those bone-colored shells that we are all used to seeing. They are a type of starfish that's fuzzy, and in the case of these, with a slight purple tint. They sit at all angles on the bottom of the ocean. What we normally see is the outer shell after the fuzz has died off and left nothing but the skeleton.

make sand dollars


So true!


thinking of a sand dollar tattoo. Something to represent our fun beach time.

Sand Dollar Seashell Art Print Beach Shell by BarbaraRosenzweig, $34.00

Shells & Surf