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so true!!!

i dont know why people wouldnt like the hunger games? they should really read the book and then they can go see the movie! they totally should love the hunger games!

Divergent, Hunger Games, Frozen, TFIOS, hoping to join Harry Potter

I like harry potter, divergent, hunger games, percy jackson, and the fault in our stars doctor who sherlock Mortal instruments and pretty much everything on that list

Not gonna lie, watching Hunger Games while on the treadmill makes me run longer & faster.

Funny Encouragement Ecard: If Katniss can endure multiple Tracker Jacker stings, you can survive 20 minutes on the treadmill.

I dont' care how many times I've pinned this, it never gets old.

See this is so funny because whenever I hear this song I always think, you know, this kinda reminds me of the hunger games catching fire when the arena is a clock.

So needs to be made into a tshirt.

thg humour: i work out because i know i would've been the first to die in the hunger games

sooooooo ture...... amen!!!!!!

Free and Funny Cry For Help Ecard: Could someone please pass the morphling? I just finished Mockingjay, so comprehension and reality are no longer priorities.

jennifer lawrence has a hidden talent

Funny pictures about Awesome hidden talent. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome hidden talent. Also, Awesome hidden talent.

Everybody knows this face!

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Moriarty's charming smile of death gif <-- *whispers in your ear creepily* because its bootiful. SO VERY BOOTIFUL.Beautiful, I tell you.>> death is beautiful

Jennifer Lawrence is so adorable

Jennifer Lawrence is so adorable

Funny pictures about Just Jennifer Lawrence. Oh, and cool pics about Just Jennifer Lawrence. Also, Just Jennifer Lawrence.

I'm laughing so hard hahahahaha

I really hope he plays Finnick in Mockingjay! He did the part so well. Sam Claflin is now the face of Finnick Odair.