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    When We Had Kings ___The Pahlavi Coronation

    Persian Houses, via Flickr.


    Shah of Iran and Empress Farah

    Reza Shah

    The ancient city of Persepolis in modern-day Iran was one of four capitals of the sprawling Persian Empire. Built beginning around 520 B.C., the city was a showcase for the empire's staggering wealth, with grand architecture, extravagant works of silver and gold, and extensive relief sculptures such as this one portraying envoys with offerings for the king.


    Persian Queen


    Persian Art.

    Mosquée Nasir al-Mulk - Iran - Beautiful - Travel - Colorful


    Masjid-e-Shah, Isfahan

    Daraband Quarter, Tehran, Iran...loved!!

    The Lion and Sun (Persian: شیر و خورشید‎, Šir o Xoršid) is one of the main emblems of Iran, and between 1846 and 1979 was an element in Iran's national flag.


    Happy Persian New Year (Nowruz)


    Bam, Iran

    Queen Fawzia of Iran Tiara

    The family of the last Shah of Iran