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  • Grace Fleming

    French Cable Car Kodachrome photograph by Walter Meayers Edwards; National Geographic, 1965.

  • Susan Tomasallo #1

    Photograph by Andrew H. Brown, National Geographic Arve Valley, France, 1965. A man and his son ride a cable car in the Alps with Mer de Glace Glacier and Mont Blanc as a backdrop.

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Prekestolen over Lyse Fjord in Norway via Vintage National Geographic National Geographic | January 1957

gordon w. gahan, national geographic, paris, 1972

Women at the Parthenon in Athens, Greece (Kodachrome by Phillip Harrington and National Geographic photographer James P. Blair)

Purcell Mountains, British Columbia, Canada, 1958

Schoolboys and Penguins, 1953 Photograph by B. Anthony Stewart, National Geographic Schoolboys pose with king penguins in London, England.

Mama don't take my kodachrome away.

On 12/30/2010, Dwayne's Photo lab in Parsons Kansas, the last photolab to process Kodachrome, stopped processing the iconic film. Kodak gave the last roll to National Geographic Photographer Steve McCurry, who posted the final shots on his blog.