Drip bleach mixed with highlighter ink...project!

bleached highlighter shorts: old pair of jeans bleach sponge highlighters pliers 1. soak sponge in bleach and squeeze/splatter onto shorts. repeat until satisfied 2. rinse well in cool water or in a machine on a cool setting 3. use pliers to open the back of the highlighters to get the ink out 4. rub ink into shorts 5. throw into a dryer, done! so easy

Tie dye bleached shorts... these are awesome.

Summer Daze Tie Dye High Waisted Cutoffs love love love


Watercolor crayon tattoos: Wet crayons, draw on body and wash off with soap and water.

Create this gorgeous tye dye effect... Without the time of actually tie dying, just throw it in the tumble dryer to set the colour. You can spray, drip, pour or paint on the colour. I want to try this with some studs and iron on patches. : ) MUST TRY!

colored bleach shorts

DIY American flag shirt! Use a white T-shirt, then cut off the sleeves and the collar. Then cut up the shirt a few inches and create a V shape to be used as a tie. Then place a piece of cardboard in between the shirt so the spray paint doesn't bleed, then use tape for stripes and another piece of cardboard where you want the blue square to go. After spray painting red over the stripes, remove the square piece of cardboard and place stars down, the spray paint blue over those. Too easy!

love off the shoulder

How to make the best shorts from jeans! I am going to be glad I pinned this

DIY Clothes Refashion : instead of superheroes, i would find a pretty patterned fabric or lace


Use a Clorox Bleach Pen to make your own shirt ...

I so need to remember this

DIY: Bleach Dip

I must try this with my youth group...DIY Anthropologie Scarf. Awesome idea for those old shirts, but I'll do my colors different... Or use the colored shirts

T-Shirt Quilts - good to know how many shirts it takes

DIY high waisted shorts with denim bow made from scraps :)

Gold & Black...shop

How to make your own galaxy shirt