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Baby thoughts :D I would not want any kid to think this but it's funny

This picture always brings a smile to my face LOL

The Godbaby: “Get in the car, now, Gladys!” Gladys: “Whatcha’ gonna do about it?

Totally appropriate and rude. But kinda funny actually LOL...

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Funny picture of a baby and a dirty caption: Last night is a blur. I vaguely remember breastfeeding, and then shitting myself.

Jehova's Kittens

Jehova's Kittens

Mormon or Jehovah's Witness. With my experience this summer I'll go with Jehovah.

That 70's show

I HAAATTTEEE these pictures. Just one picture and they think they're going to grow up "FABULOUS" for all we know this kid could be the shyest thing in the world

Dang this looks exactly like mrs. Crafts daughter

that awkward moment when you s ee dora in real life. This actually made me laugh out loud!

Today's WWJD Xmas tip: NEVER put Christmas lights on a palm tree. I shouldn't have to explain why.