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Casterio Signature Font 30%OFF by Pana Type & Studio on @creativemarket

Casterio Signature Font 30%OFF by Pana Type & Studio on @creativemarket

Quem reina é ela no reino do mar

:READ: alright my little beans. Thank you for joining and pinning your faceclaims :). There will be a town party tomorrow afternoon. Please post outfits.

See this Instagram video by @lilaccalligraphy • 215 likes

See this Instagram video by @lilaccalligraphy • 215 likes

If I will leave you than of course I will leave this life too cause you know it very well. never will I leave you and never will I forsake you.

Here I am. I open my heart. I bare to you all of the intricacies that make up my soul. You beckon me forth. To be exactly who I am.

"For I desire mercy, not sacrifice, and acknowledgement of God rather than burnt offerings." God please my heart is yours

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I’ve been dealing with depression on and off since I was a freshman, but I don’t want it to stop me from being wonderful

Think on things that are pure ❤️ and separate from anything or anyone trying to bring you down...Trust in Yahshua as your strength and shield, HalleluYAH! He never fails us and is forever faithful!

cling to good. Be devoted to others. Serve the Lord passionately. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer. Be generous. (from Romans

The cool thing about being a Christian is that you are no longer bound to the mistakes you made in the past. You don't need to rehash them or beat yourself up for them. Jesus didn't die to cover yo...

Tuesday Inspiration 9.23.14