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I love this little guy because he reminds me of my nephew, Mark.  He was beautiful too.

I want a baby just so I can dress him/her like a hipster! baby hipsters are so cute. After about 20 you should be sick of bow ties and nerd glasses

If you have nothing nice to say don't say nothing at all!! Cute Little Librarian

I'm reading a book, I'm reading a book! Don't you evah evah interrupt me while I'm reading a book! Stotler this is so my future child~

Awwww how cute. She kinda reminds me of Edna from The Incredibles movie :-)

cute asian babies so cute. if my daughter ever needs glasses, she's getting this kind.

Cutest nerd ever

How adorable is this little outfit. carolinec How adorable is this little outfit. How adorable is this little outfit.


little girl fashion fashion Kids fashion / swag / swagger / little fashionista / cute / love it! Baby u got swag!