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    • Kylie Mendez

      i will remember this next time i go through those doors. Hahahaha just picture yourself saying thank you to an automatic door, oh the looks you'd get:)

    • Amber Studebaker

      "There is no such thing as an automatic door... just gentleman ninjas." Snap... I thought it was my jedi powers...

    • Brittnee Garza

      Yep. I definitely laughed out loud when I read this. From now on, I shall forever refer to "automatic doors" as "gentlemen ninja doors"

    • Tiffany Honea

      the other day Kayelee said "thank you" as we went through an automatic door... i was all "huh" and she was all " oh a ninja opened the door, i was saying thank you" lol true story

    • Lindsey Dibbert

      funny#funny ads #funny commercial

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