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This corsage is crispy, clean, and cool! Wheat and yellow mums look sweet and summery!

Keeping it sweet and simple really makes this corsage pop against a light or dark colored dress.

Don't forget to pin your corsages and buttonholes high up on the shoulder. It keeps the flowers away from dress details and other traffic. The movement up and away in this corsages also keeps the eye moving and ensures you get every visual penny out of your flowers!

Newest design elements for a corsage! longer stem, garden style flowers, and subtle colors. A fantastic combination between classic and modern elements!

This garden style corsage creates lots of visual interest with contrasting colors and textures. Adding a longer accent flower to your wedding flowers creates a flow the eye will follow making sure all your flowers get noticed!

This corsage is a funktastic! The visual harshness of the thistle texture against the soft silkiness of the orange Ranunculus is visually interesting. Love it!