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Decorated easter eggs - I think you need a hollowed egg for this. Write a message on your egg in clear wax, then add a little white vinegar and a little food colouring to a glass of warm water, and dip your egg into the solution.

Huevos de Pascua decorados

totally could modify this and not use real eggs. and it would look just as stunning without the cut outs. Just use the black puff paint on anything - wood, plastic, whatever, cover with a shabby white or shabby pink and then sand it off here and there for more shab fabs. I am so there I want to get started right now! :D

watercolor easter eggs using watercolor pencils. {via alisa burke}

Huevos de Pascua de chocolate / Decorated chocolate Easter Egg

Huevo de pascua de Cakes Haute Couture. - I would love to make this for Nowruz considering it is an egg with hyacinth on it.

Turns scraps of paper into colorful eggs with this DIY (use Google translate for directions).

These jewel-colored eggs are so beautiful we often have egg dying get-togethers with our friends and their kids to make them. And you don’t have to rely on commercial products to create them, either. Your refrigerator and pantry hold a cornucopia of fruits, vegetables, and spices that can be turned into a rainbow of distinctive dyes.