photos of Martial Arts

Escrima Sticks- A philipino stick fighting martial art!

La femme Samurai in - BLACK

Japan has dozens of martial arts including Judo, Karate, Kendo, Kyudo and Aikido. (the sword in this photo is obviously fake. We can't own Katana without a certain license in Japan)

silence Ninjutsu 忍術

photos of Martial Arts

What looks like good form with a nice sword to include a "HI"

Martial arts for women

Yoko geri... [ ] #Martial #arts #swords

♂ World martial arts Samurai Shoot for Chase Issue 03 by Chris Davis, via 500px

Martial arts isn't just a physical exercise, martial arts is also a mental exercise.

Chinese martial artist / Kungfu Jet Li at 12 : if you love #MMA, you will love the funny & outrageous #MixedMartialArts and #UFC inspired gear at CageCult:

Samurai Arts

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A girl holds a Bokken (Wooden Sword). Martial arts uses a man's hakama, even for women. One notable exception to this practice is archery.

zhonjigunshu.jpg (2000×5347)

♂ world Martial Arts Muay Thai black and white superman punch

Martial Arts & Spirituality: Women and Martial Arts

♂ Japanese Martial Art Ninjutsu 忍術...............................I LOVE U NINJA!:)

Martial Arts