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Evil twins party Party Games The classic in this department is a rousing game of Pin-the-Evil-Moustache-on-the-X, where X is only bounded by your imagination. All you need is a poster of your intended victim. Beatles? Muppets? Knight Rider? We also loved some of the astounding events invented for Rusty George’s Moustache Revival party, which included a “favorite moustache collective nouns” contest, “synchronized staching,” and a “wet moustache contest.” It’s a

from My Evil Twin's Kitchen

Ferrero Rocher Nutella Cheesecake

Devilishly rich, creamy, smooth and velvety... just one bite of this Ferrero Rocher Nutella Cheesecake will send you straight to seventh heaven!

The Dark Sisters. you'd think the older one, the one holding the younger one's mouth is the more dangerous of the two, wouldn't you? you wouldn't be wrong, but you wouldn't be right, either. you see, there's something very dangerous she's stopping from coming out of her sister's mouth... and yet, she's stopping her. who's got the power? who knows? does it matter? - k.e. fitzgerald