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    frankierosperfecteyebrows: Not even kidding, this will be me.  I will be like this too -.- I’m already like this around children, my sister gives me hell for it.

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    • Erin Marchand Gibson

      I am seriously laughing hard right now... I don't say the F bomb to or around my kid, but this was funny.

    • £AC€¥ KI£€¥

      Haha! Too funny! This will probably be me when I have kids. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing...

    • Kristy Allen

      Parent fail....too funny, see this far too much. Parents expect their kids to act right when they themselves cant seem to do it. They follow your example, your emotional instabilities, your demonstrations on how to deal with life. Some people shouldnt be allowed to parent without supervision!

    • Alicia Armstrong

      Parent logic lol u tell ur kids to do one thing yet u do the exact things u say not to do FYI children watch u if u talk about how crazy u were as a teenager they r gonna wanna be just as crazy even if u say but u don't do that bc they see u did it so why shouldn't they just saying

    • Heather

      I am seriously laughing hard right now... I don't say the F bomb to or around my kids, but when I hear my son say, "damnit", when playing the Wii I chuckle, and remind him not to say that in public or around grandma. Does that make me a bad mom? (I am still laughing...)

    • Marlena Alcorta

      Probably will be my parenting style if I ever have a kid.

    • Evon Osburn

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