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Suri boy in Kibish, Ethiopia by Eric Lafforgue, via Flickr See info on FM

Harari girl - Ethiopia

Portrait of a Banna girl. Southern Ethiopia | © Jeff Arnold.

Young girl Dassanech. Omo valley, Ethiopia

**Africa | Colours of Harar. Argoba. Kouroumi. Ethiopia | © Georges Courreges.

Tsemay Tribewoman, Key Afer, Omo Valley, Ethiopia by Eric Lafforgue

Africa | A young Surma man, Omo Valley, Ethiopia | © Rudi Roels, via Flickr

Hamer girl's skirt and jewellery. Turmi. Omo Valley. Ethiopia | © Eric Lafforgue

The Hamar is a catlle herder tribe which lives on the Eastern side of the Omo Valley in Southern Ethiopia

fruit-of-life: Ethiopian Tribes, Suri by Dietmar Temps on Flickr.

ukraine - roma children by The Presbyterian Church in Canada, via Flickr

Bihari girl Copyrighted Photo. All rights reserved to the IMB.

Tibetan man. The resemblance to Native Americans is very obvious here despite the 1000's of years separating genetic develoment of the two peoples. ** A handsome man with a lovely gentle face.

This week at fotoclasses we are celebrating women > what they stand for, what they have achieved, and what they deserve. We believe that photography helps tell this story and raises awareness of issues that are otherwise glossed over. #IWD2014 #UNwomen #support #learn #grow #discover #humanrights #women #photography #fotoclasses

Photo taken (not by me) at Durbar Square, Kathmandu, Nepal. Lived at that square for several months.

Roma children at school in Nagybereg,Ukraine by The Presbyterian Church in Canada, via Flickr


Kunduz, Afghanistan / Photography by Steve McCurry / Here you can download Steve's FREE PDF Catalog and order PRINTS /stevemccurry.com/...