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This is just a small sampling of the commitment of our Patriot soldiers, who stand for freedom from tyranny, and the preservation of the Constitution their Forefathers fought and died to protect. God bless them for their courage.

Mark Kelly and his wife, former congresswoman Gabby Giffords, testified at the Colorado state capitol in support of more gun control for that state on March 4. --> The next day he went out and purchased and AR-15.

Mark Kelly has been having terrible luck trying to sell his anti-gun message to the masses. In an attempt to prove how easy it was to buy an “assault”

Dr Ben Carson

This man is awesome.the quote should read, "IT would create division.

gun control humor... hahahaha!  Okay, one of the best gun control jokes I've ever seen.

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I have to do this gun control humor. Okay, one of the best gun control jokes I've ever seen.

But Why?

Why I love the south.

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The 45 Most Badass Lines Ever Uttered in Real Life Slideshow | Cracked.com

The 45 Most Badass Lines Ever Uttered in Real Life Slideshow

The death of liberty. Isn't it great that an IRS official can hide behind the Constitution (take the 5th), while denying Americans their Constitutional rights?!

Pinner said: Land of the free? You think it's bad now wait untill obama hands over America to the muslims! He thinks they will protect you? Muslims are over running America way too fast.wake up people!

Re-pin if you're glad Bibi isn't going anywhere.

Netanyahu really has won Bibi made an Awesome speech to the American US Congress. Obama's speechs are weak. He refuses to acknowledge our enemies. If you can't acknowledge your enemies, how will you defeat them?

Gun Control? Oh, yes...the theory that becoming a victim is somehow morally superior to defending your family. #2A

Linda Suhler, Ph.D. on

GUN NUTS again, miss the FACTS! No one needs an Assault Rifle or Machine gun with multi rounds of ammunition!

"I will not sit quietly and let [Obama] shred the Constitution. Rand Paul...love this guy!

Rand Paul - I will not sit quietly and let [Obama] shred the Constitution.


Big Govt IS the problem!

Join us on Facebook: Ted Cruz 45

Join us on Facebook: Ted Cruz 45

Time to stop obeying and start thinking for ourselves, make our own minds up about the meaning of the Constitution and Bill of rights.

Obama, aka Satan “But just because you have an individual right does not mean that the state or local government can’t constrain the exercise of that right.

GOP congressman says health-care proposal is probably the most 'universally detested piece of laws' he's ever seen

Conservatives Form Their Own Caucus Because the RSC Isn't 'Hard-Core' Enough The most conservative House Republicans quietly build an invitation-only group, seeing the Republican Study Committee as devolving into a debate society.

Egyptian Islamists drag Christian woman from her car and beat her to death

Egyptian Islamists Murder Young Christian, After Dragging Her From Car

riveting post by black police officer confronts blm with raw honesty and every american needs to see it

Riveting post by black police officer, Jay Stalien, confronts BLM with raw honesty and EVERY American needs to see it