The guide to having a girl fall inlove with you<3

guys, if you do this, i promise she will fall for you over and over again

i want a hug.

so very true

Bob Marley... so smart.




What the heck....u have seen it already so YES I would like to kiss you like this!!! Strong, passionate & wild kisses that leave you breathless & hungry for more!! I would so satisfy your ache & make you sore...that good soreness that you love...& maybe just maybe miss a little bit!:-* Daannnnngggg!!!!! I miss your touch & YOU!!!!!! I Love YOU Baby!!!! There is NO One like YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***

You know the feeling....

It's the things that make you that I love, everything that you were, are and will be.


Aww...aint that perfect!

If only more woman (and men) thought this way, what a different world it would be. Love is about the things we DO for each other, NOT what we give each other. It has nothing to do with material things!

It's the small things.


One day you'll meet a guy quote-not sure why but I love this. He knows it all and yep, he still loves me =)

if i were to wake up to this i think i'd cry.


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