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Prostitution district of Klondike City, across the Klondike River from Dawson, Yukon Territory, ca. 1899.

The California Bar and Italian boarding house in Bingham, Utah around 1900

The first Kmart department store opens in Garden City, Michigan in 1962

Six of Dawson City's good-time girls, or prostitutes, posing ...

A little known town did a little known good deed on 9/11...

Remarkable map: a bird's-eye perspective view of New York City, was created by Will L. Taylor ("chief draftsman"), and published by Galt & Hoy of New York in 1879.

Love this phone! Am actually reinstalling the thing just because!

ca. 1870-90’s, [carte de visite portrait of two Kansas City ice-men with an ice block], Scotford & Co. via Be-Hold, Fine Photograp...

Saloon, Central City Colorado, 1870

Historic Dodge City


1866 shot of the Wells, Fargo & Company Express Office in Virginia City.

Dodge city, 1872.

1900 NYC

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deadwood,_South_Dakota A photograph of Deadwood in 1876. General view of the Dakota Territory gold rush town from a hillside above.

Chuck wagon fording the Powder River during cattle drive - 1800's.

A Federal encampment on the Pamunkey River, Cumberland Landing, Virginia, in May of 1862

In April and May 1945, there were approximately 5000 suicides in the city of Berlin.

Pioneer City Montana, 1883

The first atomic bomb, released on August 6 in Hiroshima(Japan) killed about 80,000 people, but it didn’t seem enough because the Japanese didn’t surrender right away. Therefore, on August 9 another bomb was released above Nagasaki. The effects of the second bomb were even more devastating – 150,000 people were killed or injured.