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Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker - an interesting perspective.. i particularly like the part that he shares.... "Another major difference between false light beings within the demiurge and beings of True Divine Light who are aligned with Infinite Source is that the Divine Light is not controlling, manipulative, bossy or judgmental in any way...." thank goddess someone is finally speaking up about this continued BS... #ascension #channelling #false_prophets #ascended_masters... Artiste Alex…

Sophia - central pivot of creation and represents the feminine aspect in all things. She is wisdom incarnate. Hohkma in Hebrew, Sapientia in Latin, Sheela-na-gigs in Celtic. The Judeo-Christian God's female soul, source of true power is Sophia. Her faces are many: Black Goddess, Divine Feminine, Mother of God of the Gnostic Christians, Sophia was mother of creation, her consort and assistant was Jehovah. Her sacred shrine is Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey. Symbol = dove, crown stars

On reaching a certain octave one finds the in-being of Soul and Spirit, for God in His Divine Love is observed much sooner in the conscience than the intellect, because conscience is from within, while intellect is from without.

panel 7 All beings and things included In the Bodhisattva's vow. Therefore a return to "the world" But in touch with the timeless now. An elixer of wisdom and compassion Does Maitreya bring to all. "Everyone is a future Buddha. Listen deep for the inner call."