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People in China smash iPhones and mob KFC to protest South China Sea ruling



Iraqi Military Announces Full Combat Readiness Amid Baghdad Protests

Followers of Iraq's Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr gather and chant slogans during a protest demanding that parliament approves a long-delayed new cabinet and end political and sectarian wrangling that is hampering a vote on the matter, at Tahrir Square in Baghdad April 26, 2016


True Reasons Why Maidan Protests Resulted in Ukraine’s Coup

Money for Nothing: German Media See Ukraine as a Bad Investment

A robot that can be used for riot control and comes complete with an electric charge to zap protesters has been revealed in China. The robot has been hailed as the country’s first “intelligent security robot” and also contains an SOS button for people to notify police as well as the electric “riot control tool”. No more need be said about the attitudes of governments towards the people they are supposed to SERVE


U.S.-Europe Trade Accord Draws 250,000 Protesters in Berlin

Protesters gather to demonstrate in Berlin on Oct. 10.

The Economistfrom The Economist

Girl power

Post by Chelsea Blake - Factory women: Girl power | The Economist - It is great to see that women in China are taken a stand to remain in factories and out of the fields. Although they are considered easy to tech and easy to handle, that reality of them coming together and protesting means that that are becoming more educated in politics.


Germany Protests to United States Over Secrecy in Huge TTIP Trade Deal

Recent killings in Paris as well as the arrival of hundreds of thousands of mostly Muslim refugees in Europe have drawn renewed attention to the continent’s Muslim population. In many European coun...


These Five Steps Will End US Foreign Policy of Military Intervention

A mask during an anti-NATO protest rally These Five Steps Will End US Foreign Policy of Military Intervention


Yankee Go Home! Syrians Protest Against US Boots on the Ground

Some 150 US Troops Arrive in Northeastern Syria - Kurdish Security Source Residents and local administration officials in the northern Syrian town of Al-Hasakah rallied on Wednesday to protest against the illegal presence of 150 US troops in the Kurdish-controlled town of Rumeilan, Syrian SANA news agency reported. Read more:

The Independentfrom The Independent

Wikileaks releases TPP chapter that it says would 'cost lives' if adopted

Demonstrators protest against the TPP in Washington, DC in May 2015


EU Might End Friendship With US as Washington’s Policies Hurt Europe

Rome 'Won’t Protest' Against NSA Tapping as Italy is 'Loyal US Servant'


US Congressmen Propose Bill to Bind Crimea Status to Anti-Russian Sanctions

Idiotic Republicans want to force a vote on the Iran Nuclear Deal... the American people overwhelmingly do not want another needless war !


Montenegro Not to Forget NATO 1999 Bombings After Accession Invitation

У НАТО краще готові до стримування загроз Росії, ніж до вирішення проблем міграції - Міноборони Литви. Про це заявив директор департаменту Міністерства оборони Литви Робертас Сапронас під час IV безпекового форуму для молоді, організованому Фондом «Відкрий Україну» разом з Центром інформації та документації НАТО в Україні та Фондом Фрідріха Еберта. #time_ua‬ #новини #Україна #Київ #новости #Украина #Киев #news #Kiev #Ukraine #EU #Україна_і_світ


US and Japan Thrash Out Pork and Car Parts Before July TPP Conference

People protesting the TPP look at other protesters, as they rally to advocate for an increase in pay to $15 USD per hour, as part of a Fight for $15 labor effort on Capitol Hill April 22, 2015 in Washington


US Sends Mysterious 150 Tons of 'Diplomatic Mail' to Embassy in Kyrgyzstan

US Sends Mysterious 150 Tons of 'Diplomatic Mail' to Embassy in Kyrgyzstan / Sputnik International

A World Health Organization group's controversial finding that the world's most popular herbicide "probably is carcinogenic to humans" was based on a thorough scientific review and is a key


Chaos, Secrecy and Fudge Over Transatlantic Trade Deal

Protest against TTIP and CETA in Berlin