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the constitution - This video was made to help students understand why the Constitution was created. It explains the purpose, the meaning, and the intent of this most important...; appropriate for older elementary grades (C3; W5)

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Obama's staff is taking over Silicon Valley

They're looking for people who understand the intersection of press, politics and policy.

A half-century after the events in my novel "Daffodil Sunrise," the battle's far from over. If anything, the stakes are only higher. ...

China has always been a leading player in the Tech environment. It is encouraging to see the response of China towards technology which has been productive. As long as the country is moving towards the right direction, one shouldn't question the polity of China. The population of China and the political environment has been a plus point for investors to invest heavily on it. Read this article in order to know more…

Dumb ass needs to read. I hate when Democrats try to act like anyone can have a full auto an its just the Wild Wild West Show and "Something" needs to be done. We are highly restricted and the infringing continues on and on. It needs to STOP! III%


Extremist, borderline-psycho political rants

Pin for Later: 20 Reasons People Shouldn't Be Allowed on Social Media Extremist, borderline-psycho political rants Your opinion is not welcome here. Source: MTV

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Facebook Wednesday….

We didn't change the First Amendment just because we don't write with quills any longer...

"Hillary Clinton is the single greatest risk to net neutrality. Anyone who works in the tech sector or owns a website, should put serious thought into what the long term implications of letting Time Warner into the White House could mean... for everyone." --Matthew Haeck, Web Developer & Open Source Advocate #NeverHillary #BernieOrBust #NetNeutrality

Imagine judicial review for protecting consumer rights and the environment going up in a puff of smoke and biotech corporations like Monsanto having complete immunity to plant whatever they want, whenever they want -- without testing. This is exactly what a small amendment in the proposed new farm bill guarantees.


A Lot of People Are Saying Trump's New Data Team Is Shady

A Lot of People Are Saying Trump’s New Data Team Is Shady

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