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more devices than people by end of 2014. don't think this estimate includes consumer biosensors

chart comparing % of cellphone users who regularly make or receive payments on phone

political people bots? #Nieto campaign manager with megaphone conducting a crowd to twitter climax thx @Andrés Monroy

Washington Post Data Viz on NSA access points to global info infrastructure

Dataviz of main findings of Digital Activism and Civic Engagement report

Are there examples of high tech and highly authoritarian countries?

cartoon of cellphones vs. riot police...(anyone know source?)

Blue Coat surveillance tech pops up in on lots of public networks, including those in countries where sanctions supposed to be in place!

OECD forecasted #IoT device list for "average family" in 2017 and 2022

anti file paying poster, "Rocking it with the man"

% of respondents willing to give up habit/vice for internet, 2012, US, China, Germany, Brazil