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    Economics: Micro stars, macro effects | The Economist Economists trying to make markets work better.

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    big econ data - web searches for "unemployment" :: claims for unemployment insurance

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chart comparing % of cellphone users who regularly make or receive payments on phone

IDF and Hamas twitter cartoons: Israeli military propaganda versus pro-Palestinian cartoon

IDF tweet: Israel's "Rocket Counter" as it appears on Twitter

IDF tweet: Both sides are broadcasting warnings to each other via social media channels

Hamas tweet: Hamas tries to sway public opinion with images of injured Palestinians

Hamas tweet: Hamas has been using a range of hashtags to promote its tweets

An ant carries a one-millimetre-square microchip (nice bio - #iot implication)

cartoon of cellphones vs. riot police...(anyone know source?)

OECD forecasted #IoT device list for "average family" in 2017 and 2022

The Webcup 1.0 tells Internet fridge if the milk’s too cold. What does it tell the dairy ass'n? NSA? #iot #paxtechnica

“I’ll drop-kick a begging gypsy—for scamming people, selling drugs and stealing. I’ll spit into a prostitute’s face. I’ll mace a bum for stinking up the place and spreading disease ...” These words are typical of blog posts by Alexander Bosykh, 33, who has been appointed head of Russia’s Federal Agency for Youth Affairs.

map of Moscow large coordinated protest ring from December 24 2011.

satellites of "magic dust", 5 grams and $25/each. #paxtechnica #iot

drone journalism at work - aerial views of Kiev protests from 20/2/14

% of respondents willing to give up habit/vice for internet, 2012, US, China, Germany, Brazil

big econ data - web searches for "unemployment" :: claims for unemployment insurance

Average monthly size of denial of service attacks (Gigabits per second) #paxtechnica

this comic offers good corrective...though any real eg's of govs using live webcam network to mislead? (thanks @pustovek)

Powerful cartoon...from the era where the internet was something we experienced with a browser (thanks @pustovek)

Fela Kuti's photo a popular choice for fake Nigerian election records (ie Anambra State elections 2010)

Wanted by the FBI, Wang Dong "UglyGorilla" Poster

2003 satellite map of the Natanz Iran facility where Stuxnet struck

Cost of Analyzing Human Genome Over Time