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11 useful things you didn't know your Amazon Echo could do

Did you know Alexa can whip you into shape with a quick workout?


Face Recognition: Who’s Watching and Why? #infographic

Face Recognition: Who’s Watching and Why? #infographic #Internet #Technology

The Vergefrom The Verge

The new Apple TV will reportedly cost between $149 and $199

We're expecting to see a new Apple TV at the company's event on September 9th, and it looks like the device will have a bump in price to accompany its list of rumored new features. 9to5Mac reports t...

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65 Satirical Illustrations Show Our Addiction To Technology

Most people live on Twitter. Everything they hear or see they put on Twitter. Even sometimes when they are told something that they don't want others knowing, they still tweet it, because that is what they are so used to doing.


Inside OpenAI, Elon Musk’s Wild Plan to Set Artificial Intelligence Free

Encryption Is Worldwide: Yet Another Reason Why a US Ban Makes No Sense

Political Lace is an elegant detachable collar embedded with an LED device that flashes every 7.5 minutes, the rate at which young women die during childbirth. Designed by London-based creative technologist Melissa Coleman, whose work explores the relationship between body, culture and technology, the accessory acts as an ethical talking point, providing consumers with a …

The Huffington Postfrom The Huffington Post

FBI Director James Comey 'Very Concerned' About New Apple, Google Privacy Features

WASHINGTON -- FBI Director James Comey said Thursday that he was "very concerned" about new steps Silicon Valley tech giants were taking to strengthen privacy protections on mobile devices. "I am a huge believer in the rule of law, ...

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7 inventors killed by their inventions

Perillos of Athens, a bronze worker designed the Brazen Bull, a hollow bull, to be used to painfully execute criminals. Prisoners were locked inside and roasted to death by a fire underneath. The device was designed to channel the screams of the burning prisoner out of its nose to sound like a bull. Perillos proposed his invention to Phalaris, a tyrant lord of Acragas in Sicily. After Perillos showed Phalaris the bull, the inventor was put inside and a fire was lit underneath him.

REPORT: EMP DEVICE USED TO DISABLE POSSIBLE EXPLOSIVES FOLLOWING GARLAND ATTACK "... I guess we'll have to add EMP devices to the growing list of military tech trickling down to domestic US law enforcement"


Researchers Stumble on a 200,000-Cycle Battery

It lasts 400 times longer than most currently available batteries. Too bad it can't actually power anything yet.

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Best tech for men: T3's top gadget picks for any male

Best Tech 2012: Coolest new gadgets we want this month | November 2012: House of Marley Get Up Stand Up | T3

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What's Behind China's Big Showing On The Forbes List Of Tech's 100 Richest?

What's Behind China's Big Showing On The Forbes List Of Tech's 100 Richest? - Forbes

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More tech companies, organizations announce support for Apple in its battle with the feds

More tech companies organizations announce support for Apple in its battle with the feds

Google Says It Will Not De-List Entire Sites For Copyright Violations -  In an open letter to the Office and Management and Budget’s Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator, Google announced today that it opposes the practice of removing entire sites from search results. Google’s letter is in response to a public solicitation by Daniel... | | #Tech #News

The iLaunch Thunder for iPhone, iPad or iPad ... app controlled launcher .... fun !! A Must Need Homefrom Home

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Smart coffee maker brews your next cup right when you get home

Sure, you can get connected coffee makers, but they tend to brew whole pots (or multiple cups). What if you just want a hot cup o' joe when you get home


These Secret Netflix Codes Will Unlock Thousands Of Hidden Genres

These Secret Netflix Codes Will Unlock Thousands Of Hidden Genres. If this works totally awesome!


I got hacked mid-air while writing an Apple-FBI story

THE TAKEAWAY: I asked Abdo what we could to do protect our privacy. This is what he told me: Call your representatives in Congress and on a statewide level and express your support for Apple in this case. Here’s a list of all U.S. members of the House and Senate. Make sure your devices are using their built-in encryption features. That’s FileVault for Apple devices and BitLocker on Windows products. Use a password manager ...