• Malayka Jackson

    Future coffe cup

  • Gwendolyn Jones

    The web cup. email coffee cup, computer coffee cup Read your emails and drink coffee all at the same time It's amazing May 2013

  • Carde App

    The Web Cup! This a new invention and i think it is a really cool idea! Basically it is a cup for drinking hot or cold drinks in, and onthe side of the cup there is a medium sized screen which is basically like a ipod touch. You can go ont he internet on it etc and i think you can watch videos. #cool #tech #gadget #PutDownYourPhone #Carde

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This chart shows what an UEE crash looks like (box A), what a spike looks like (box B), and most interestingly, how the number of these events (in red and blue) has risen between 2006 and 2011 compared with the S&P index (in black). That list of stock symbols in green contains the equities that have the most extreme events, with the most likely at the bottom.

30 different estimates for internet size, from 1990-2050

great #iot cartoon

what Germany has...all internet exchange points from the east go through Frankfurt #paxtechnica

the "rides of glory" from #uber for #Seattle, original gone, now at web.archive.org/...

early concept graphic from Pachube cum Xively...private company that wants to be public cloud #iot standard

graph from Jawbone sleep monitors show people being shaken awake during SF earthquake. Presumably could geolocate wristbands to measure distance from epicenter, but degree of sleep disruption also reveals distance from epicenter. original: jawbone.com/...

The Webcup 1.0 tells Internet fridge if the milk’s too cold. What does it tell the dairy ass'n? NSA? #iot #paxtechnica

China has the largest army of surveillance and censorship experts in the world.

Haiyan Zhang, who blogs from blog.failedrobot.com, mapped government and crowd sourced Geiger results after the Fukushima disaster

Dear subscriber, you are registered as a participant in a mass disturbance

Photoshopped Iran Missile Launch: Finished

Photoshopped Iran Missile Launch: Original

A drone for detecting radiation, built at Safecast hackathon with consumer electronics.

Kibera’s community leaders can now produce their own maps of community needs.

Satellite data allowed Human Rights Watch to document abuse by Nigerian Army through damaged buildings, destroyed forests, and smoldering fires.

The FBI Issues Wanted Poster for Chinese Government Hacker.

The Carne Bot located 1.3 device addresses in 2012.