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To my Work Family, If C has faith in you, then you should feel confident that you WILL succeed no matter where you are. I have grown you adore and love you ALL !!

you will forever be my always

Memory board for loved ones who've passed on... should re-do one for all the other's in each of our families that would have loved to come, but can't due to God needing them & being called home to watch over and protect us.

This quote is even more interesting & POWERFUL when considering the butterfly has become an "unofficial" symbol for Ovarian Cancer Awareness!

I miss you so much Jeremy Jer Bear :( My Little Brother. I miss those Bright Blue beautiful eyes that would light up the room, that smile that said everything would be okay. That reassuring smile, that confidence in your Big sister, that love that was always. I miss you, I miss that you were always there no matter what.

This poem along with a picture would make a nice gift to somebody who lost a close someone.

"and only HEAVEN knows why"

So true. @plumcrazyyy @3petitecupcakes @2LiLGents @yourmomspanties @caseface82

Goodbye Mario Herrera I will always remember how you loved me and your hugs..