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Garcinia cambogia elite is a great formula that is created to help people shed unnecessary pounds from their body and gain slim figure. With an aid of this product, one can easily gain healthy and fit body.

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Getting it done every damn day

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Burn Calories, Tone Arms in 1 Killer Workout Session

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Exercises That Burn Waist Fat for Women

Women on a mission to trim their waists should adopt a broad focus. Specifically, there is no exercise that burns fat from a single area -- burning fat all over your body is the key to a smaller waistline. A workout regimen designed to burn body fat overall will decrease the visceral fat that builds up deep in your midsection as well as the subcutaneous fat that sits just beneath your skin. As women age, visceral fat becomes more prevalent. Because this kind of fat not only expands waists…

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As the two-piece celebrates it's 66th birthday this week, we take a look at how it has evolved in the last six decades.Women in swimsuits -- we can never get enough of them.