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Shopping and comparing long term care insurance quotes is the third step when buying ltc insurance. Experts highly recommend requesting quotes from different long term care insurance companies in order to compare rates and benefits before purchasing coverage.

Step 5: Consult a long term care insurance specialist regarding your possible long term care needs in order to make a more informed decision. For your guidance, here are five questions you can ask an ltci specialist in your area. Visit to get expert help and as well as ltci quotes for free.

Modify the benefits of your long-term care insurance like benefit period, elimination period, daily benefit and inflation protection in order to match it to your preferred budget. Visit to learn more about long term care insurance policy.

Long term care insurance can help Americans avoid the devastating cost of nursing homes, assisted living facilities, CCRCs and other long term care services.

The second step in getting long term care insurance is evaluating your future long term care needs It is important to determine the kind of long term care services that you might need. It would help to consider your family history, whether you are at risk of developing a heart condition or a cognitive condition. It also pays to be familiar with the different types of care settings and services available like nursing homes, assisted living facilities, adult day care and CCRCs.

The first step in purchasing long-term care insurance is considering your age, family history, current health status and budgets. The cost of your premiums should go beyond 7% of your annual income. This is to ensure that you can keep up with your premiums and avoid forfeiting your policy.