Just because your skinny doesn't mean your anorexic, dumb bitch.

This not me but I just noticed today that I have a thigh gap when I have my feet together not this far apart but still my thighs don't touch unless I force my thighs together. I hear some ppl don't like the look of thigh gaps I'm mean I don't care what you look like no thigh gaps or thigh gaps you're perfect.

I'm sorry, but this isn't normal. I have NEVER met a women with a thigh gap except my 13 year old sister, who is skin and bones, but she'll grow a womens body eventually. STOP aiming for this, it isn't attractive.

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The Auschwitz thigh gap? No thanks, I'd rather have narrow hips and strong legs.

Thigh gap

Thinspo. Thigh Gap. Hip Bones. Ribs. Flat Stomach. Skinny. Wrists. Legs.


My old, anorexic self loves this picture. The new, healthy me thinks she's too skinny & could use some more muscle., Go To www.likegossip.com to get more Gossip News!


thigh gap

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Thinspo, Fitspo


thigh gap


skinny girl are not galmour!!! don't believe everything that is in your head Mrs. You seem to believe a lot of shit you tell yourself. :)