A robot that washes windows? A Winbot, of course - This window-washing robot will clean one side of a normal-sized window in about 20 minutes, and never leave a streak or bug-spot behind. Its vacuum-powered suction cup keeps it from falling off the glass as it makes its way around. For those high-up windows, just give it a longer extension cord. The award-winning device sells for about $400 and will make your all your windows sparkle inside and out, without you lifting a finger.

Don't forget to clean your Cell Phones! THEY ARE DIRTY! Interestingly, skin care experts + dermatologists can tell which side you use most when talking on the phone. Take a quick minute to wipe it down with a dab rubbing alcohol on a cloth! It will kill the bacteria and save you a lot of time in the long run! BE SURE TO DO THIS BEFORE HANDING IT TO THE BABY!!

Who knew... Window squeegee removes pet hair from carpets...

10 Safe Home Security Tips: Installing pin locks on double-hung windows is a good home security tip. Get the tips: http://www.familyhandyman.com/home-security/safe-home-security-tips/view-all

how to clean pillows

Keep Your Kitchen Sponges Dry and Clean with Binder Clips

I like this cleaning calender with a link to make your own.

Avatar head in a robot’s body - This innovative Japanese robot designer incorporated an animated virtual character into the head of its interact robot and gave it a video screen to carry around. The futuristic combination allows the user to choose the appearance of the avatar face and the language it speaks. Its built-in camera can aid in presentations and it can be remotely controlled. Is this the next big thing in Japanese homes? Or US tradeshows?

Drywall Mud Knife ~ "I have one for kitchen use only, it cuts squares and cakes so nicely. I even wash it in the dishwasher!" Photo only

Freezer Fail Detector: Here's a simple one: what happens if your power goes out while you're on vacation? Well your food will thaw, then go bad, then refreeze, and you'll be none the wiser when you go to eat it. The freezer fail detector is just a jar filled half-way with water then frozen on its side. Put the jar upright and glance at it whenever you open your freezer. No more salmonella!

Apparently "the only spot remover you'll ever need". Worth a shot:/

Mattress size diagram

Beam : The Cadillac of Remote Telepresence - The women in this picture are actually about 600 miles away from the CES 2014 tradeshow floor, at an office in Silicon Valley. yet they can walk and talk with anyone who visited the Beam booth during the show, navigating via a built-in camera and remote controls that move the video display stand around the booth or room. This device, priced at around $20,000, is the leading product in its category.

No paint job : red one instant, green the next - To drive this machine, you merely hop in and close the hatch. It senses your weight shifting, so no need for a steering wheel or handlebars. The side wheels tilt, turning the vehicle to the left or right, and with one flick of your finger, you can start an whole new video displaying on the skin and wheel covers. Incidentally, only the rubber part of the wheels turn, or appear to, anyway. Called a “mobility concept” by Toyota

The original Gibson Guitar Workbench - Inside a large tent at CES 2014, Gibson Guitars showed off the workbench of its famous maker, exhibiting some of the many tools required to turn raw wood into a thing of beauty, a Gibson guitar. The exhibit area was completely packed for the first three days of the show, filled so full that people could barely get inside. Those who did make it inside were allowed to play Gibsons, while wearing headphones.

Cool concept car attracts lovely ladies - Imagine being able to design the color and graphics of the surface of your next car, being able to play your favorite videos on the skin of your doors and fenders and showing your favorite slide show from your hood or roof. That’s what Toyota is demonstrating with this futuristic concept car in their booth at CES. It’s a sexy, shiny object and we may someday be driving these four-wheeled transports to work, or they may be driving us.

This might make you give up your Harley - According to Toyota, someday a car won’t have a paint job. Instead, the body will be fashioned of clear Lexan plastic, covering curving video displays that can change color and even show images of their surroundings. Could this be the first invisible car? Stay tuned for the next James Bond movie to find out. As high-res video displays become easier to bend and shape, we think that using them for body parts is an exciting idea whose time is coming soo...

Star of CES 2014 : the waterproof cell phone case - Innovators of cell phone cases could be found by the hundreds at the International CES 2104 in Las Vegas this year. Most intriguing are the ones that solved the problem of killing your phone accidentally by water, and there were plenty who addressed that issue with good results. Today, there’s no excuse for losing a phone due to submersion, or having a funky-looking case.