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#MonsoonAtWWI by #WWIStudent Saish Upadhyay

An Inspector and Sergeant of the Women's Police Service during the First World War.

Pic 15: #MonsoonAtWWI by #WWIStudent Manoj Bavisetty "Life is all about knowing yourself, Life is about making good friends, chasing dreams, Life is more about doing what you love & this is what we do at WWI, with monsoon here it's more of life around."

#MonsoonAtWWI by #WWIStudent Shubham Baniya "Natural beauty that we can observe at WWI."

Pic 34: #MonsoonAtWWI by #WWIStudent Ganesh Kayyala "It may be raining or it may not be , but the time we spent in WWI is , what we will cherish for the rest of our lives. :)"

‪Pic 37: #‎MonsoonAtWWI‬ by ‪#‎WWIStudent‬ Karamjot Singh "Dome of experience and heaven in disguise."

Pic 35: #MonsoonAtWWI by #WWIStudent Vishal Tanna "In the lap of Nature"

Pic 33: #MonsoonAtWWI by #WWIStudent Divya Singh "When the day is beautiful, your heart & mind feel the beauty! Magical, Serene, Surreal, Pretty! Whistling Woods International is the place where creativity meets colours of life, intelligence meets inspiration & excellence, dreams meet destiny! #LifeAtWWI Drives your talent to the door of your infinite creative journey, this birth & the pretty purple flowers sprinkled in divine nature welcomes you at Whistling Woods Like it is meant to be. My…

#MonsoonAtWWI by #WWIStudent Sreyas Nair

Pic 36: #MonsoonAtWWI by #WWIStudent Ahmed Khan