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Pinstrosity -- A blog where people submit Pinterest projects that didn't turn out as planned. This blog is hilarious and almost as addictive as Pinterest.

I offered dating advise to my friend the other day. Being she was a friend, I had thought she would have known of my good intentions; but she didn't. I wasn't rude, blunt or harsh... It hurts me to know how much she took my words out and warped them. I saw today on Facebook a "indirect" status about our conversation which was mean. I now learned, I have one less friend.

I once went to a professional headhunter. They did a personality assessment on me, and the first thing the guy said to me when he saw my results was "You have no patience for stupid people."

INTROVERT. I'm not mad or depressed or antisocial. I just need to not talk to anyone for a while. And that's okay.

Ambition. goals. dreams. quotes. wisdom. advice. life lessons.

The only thing I hate more than people with summer houses are people who dont invite me to their summer houses.

"I'm not shy, I'm just holding back my awesomeness so I don't intimidate you." -my friend's fav quote

Stop Hating Smartasses. This is the most accurate thing I'll ever see which summerizes me perfectly.

Every girl has done that at some point

Asians: What My Family Thinks I DO And What I Actually Do