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How To Be A Better Person

I'm sure you're not a bad person, but I also believe we all have room to grow. These are some tips I think we should think over. How To Be a Better Person: Simple suggestions on how to brighten a dark world by A Love Worth Living For

Bible Journaling Tips for the Hesitant

Hesitant about beginning Bible journaling, this post is definitely for you. I list 6 areas of concern for the hesitant and simple solutions. #biblejournaling #faithart

The Secret to Stop Dreading Difficult (or mundane) Tasks

You want to know the secret to stop dreading the difficult or mundane tasks? Want to make cleaning, exercising or anything you have to do (but don't really want to) more entertaining? We still have to do the work, but we can make it a bit more enjoyable with this simple homemaking tip.