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Line your fridge shelves with Press'n Seal or Saran Wrap for easy fridge cleanup! Why have I not done this?

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Looking for homemade cleaner recipes? With these homemade cleaners, you can save money using products that you already have in your pantry and get your home clean in a jiffy.

Cute DIY container for treats! Very cost effective too!

If you have a cast iron skillet, pot, or dutch oven, make sure to clean it properly and it will last for years. You also need to make sure to clean it properly to not remove the seasoning that most people love about cast iron pots. Here are the steps to properly clean a cast iron skillet.

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Cleaning burnt pans: Vinegar + baking soda + water = magic

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I used the linoleum recipe and my very old kitchen floor has never been this clean.

How to Clean Stubborn Carpet Stains with an Iron and Vinegar/Water Solution: Spray carpet with solution. Lay damp cloth over spot. Iron over it with steam iron. Stain is gone! This REALLY works!

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