• Jade Summers

    chocolate covered caramel apple slices

  • Jamie Stickles

    Inside-Out Carmel Apple Recipe

  • Donna H

    "Inside Out Caramel Apples" recipe ~ Sprinkle with finely chopped nuts for the full affect!! So much easier than trying to bite into the real thing!

  • Monique D'Aoust

    Apples and peanut butter was my favourite snack as a kid. Now that I have apple allergies i cannot have it - but this looks sooooo good!! Inside Out Caramel Apples. So much easier than trying to bite in to the real thing! Cute for fall party.

  • Emma Wilkinson

    Inside Out Caramel Apples Bites

  • Tonia Wojtas

    Good idea! I think I have a sweet tooth tonight :/

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