• Krista Schemerhorn

    Narcissistic mother

  • Nancie P

    Gaslight Effect... The first time it happens run away. #parental #alienation #narcissism

  • Aang B

    Gaslight Effect... The first time it happens run away. I didn't, even after experiencing it all my life. Was I set up for my own demise? All of this is driving me crazy. I felt I needed to take responsibility for my own happiness. But it's really tough. Recognize the strength in you. You are enough. Walk away from people you think aren't good for you. Trust your intuition. Have faith in yourself. You don't have to prove anything to anyone. You are strong.

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Bloody hell - this is exactly what he's done and exactly what he will keep doing. I MUST stick to NO CONTACT - it's the only way I'm going to survive this!

"Gaslighting" - had to pin this cause it's just another affirmation and a reminder, never to let myself become a victim of it again!

Ah, yes, the gaslighting that follows a normal reaction to an unacceptable comment (whether personal, racist, sexist, classist, or otherwise bigoted/bullying). You know damn well it wasn't funny.

And that's why I refuse to respond to your texts!!!!

Sounds like my so called family on my mothers side . Losers..... Negative energy sucking vampires... I tried way too hard with these people and they will all never wake up and be a FAMILY. I'm done with all that finally...

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"BLESSED ARE THE SINGLE-HEARTED, FOR THEY SHALL ENJOY MUCH PEACE... If you refuse to be hurried and pressed, if you stay your soul on God, nothing can keep you from that clearness of spirit which is life and peace. In that stillness you know what His will is." ~ Amy Carmichael

This was the reality I had to face when it was over and I realised that what I saw as good was actually causing me disharmony and suffering that I denied so that I could stay with him. If you feel caught up in a situation like this, or have left it and are rebuilding your life, I can help you move through and empower yourself so that you can have healthier experiences in the future. Contact me through my website

When someone makes you feel miserable, treating you badly. To the point you are sad, hurting and crying. It’s time to move on. Don’t even accept this. You will learn to get into a pattern to get treated as such. And this is unhealthy. So next time you are saying to yourself this is bs and you know your feeling are being hurt. It’s a good time to bail.

Do you have any "gaslighters" in your life? Time to put them out!

"Run like hell my dear, from anyone likely to put a sharp knife into your sacred, tender vision of your beautiful heart" -Hafiz