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  • Jordan Finch

    An INTJ party

  • Emily Jackson

    I'm INFJ but this is still funny. Introverts unite! (From the safety of your computer of course)

  • luci.

    this is any introvert's party. count me in, I'll be in my house.

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Extroverts like people. Introverts like people... theory.

part of the "how to tell if an #INTJ likes you" list by - sandshrewandrew #introverts #quietrev

profile of an INTJ. (First half is completely right about me except the very last sentence. Second, I haven't had to deal with much so I'm not sure)

I find peace by going inward. Most of the time. Other times, it's quite chaotic in here - my brain won't shut up.

i mostly like the idea and the artwork in this one, although it doesn't quite apply to me

WOW, that hits home! I Love to be loved, but not just loved, I want someone to understand me completely! THAT is very rare!

Be polite, courteous, and professional so that they don't expect your sinister plan

Unfortch, everyone's heard my silence lately. I'm working on it. #hermit #silence

I wish I could credit the artist who designed this. Unfortunately, it is impossible to trace back :(

someone told me yesterday that i was self-centered so i guess this is fitting....hahaha

#magical #thinking brings on magical things!...The power of #words never fails..