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Extroverts like people. Introverts like people... theory.

part of the "how to tell if an #INTJ likes you" list by - sandshrewandrew #introverts #quietrev

profile of an INTJ. (First half is completely right about me except the very last sentence. Second, I haven't had to deal with much so I'm not sure)

Its true. I don't like to be 'right', I just like to find the absolute truth. Though being right is nice;)

I find peace by going inward. Most of the time. Other times, it's quite chaotic in here - my brain won't shut up.

OMG . . . did I tell you about my boss who read all of my emails behind my back -- just because she's an insecure whack job? Thought she was a friend, but this pretty much sums up the future.

INTJ's - On average, 1,213 people lose an argument to them each minute. Don't become a statistic.

WOW, that hits home! I Love to be loved, but not just loved, I want someone to understand me completely! THAT is very rare!

"Wait... Did you just switch personality types?" "No, I just highly identify with this one. Maybe I'm a little of both." Is that ok? "Well, there was that one time you came to me out of the blue. And I learned to find you when you were silent." "So you still love me?" "Of course!" |How to Ride a Rollercoaster|

Unfortch, everyone's heard my silence lately. I'm working on it. #hermit #silence

[INFJs too]. INTJ pet peeves: superficiality, vanity, extravagance, and anyone desperately seeking attention.