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    Absolutely true story. INTJ

    introvert: each request for a social outing becomes a negotiation

    Hahaha - INTJ

    So true

    infj, embarrassed that I relate to this! I despise talking on the phone but will text you alllll day long.

    Haha very true lol


    This is so me, it's scary. Around my family I'm known as the "Queen of Mean" for this reason.

    Extroverts like people. Introverts like people... theory. --- As an introvert, I can confirm this is true. And all my fellow introverts laughed with me.

    So true.


    INFJ- true

    INTJ - So true! Actually judging takes too many resources.


    Life as an INTJ Female - People hate this! I just want to help! What's wrong with helping you be more efficient?! I'd want someone to tell me...


    that damn phone.