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I do believe in Fairies! I do! I do! I do believe in this Fairy tree house! (I wish it was real!)

Tonya Fairy ACEO limited Edition by brownieman on Etsy, $6.00

Vintage Postcard ~ Fairy Girls

Fairy Reading Book on Golden Mushroom © Sara Burrier (Artist. Des Moines, Iowa, USA) via her etsy shop. ... Promote the Arts. Give credit where due. Pin from the Primary Source.

'On warm dark nights I think I see, beneath the weeping willow tree, the fairies dancing in the grass, on tiny feet that fly so fast. The music is the wind that blows, while fairies spin on bare tiptoes, and fireflies jewel up the night, reflecting fairies in their light.' ~C.J. Heck, from 'Dancing Fairies'

≍ Nature's Fairy Nymphs ≍ magical elves, sprites, pixies and winged woodland faeries -

The fairies had a fancy-dress ball last night “365 Bedtime Stories” by Mary Graham Bonner with 20 illustrations by Florence Choate and Elizabeth Curtis. Copyright 1923 by Frederick A. Stokes Company. This illustration by Elizabeth curtis.

Charming! “I once wrote to a newspaper telling them about my childhood and received this postcard from someone who read the letter. I was about six at the time.
I was sorting through some old stuff the other day and thought it might be interesting enough to post on Flickr.” ~Maureen Marsh, flickr <> (fairies, fae, postcard)

This pic reminds me of when I was a little baby and I was laying down with flowers surrounding me!😊😊

Golden Fairy Enchanted fairy ware by MeadowLion1120 on Etsy,

Cascading by Daniel F. Gerhartz ... beautiful