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winged things // selina fenech they looked at each other and the bond was inseparable.......... imprinted.

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Nyx Greek Goddess of the Night Original Acrylic Painting

"Nyx ~ Goddess of the Night" Painting by Emily Balivet. One of the first and most powerful beings in the universe, Nyx is the daughter of Chaos and sister and consort to Erubus (the God of Darkness). Homer calls her the subduer of gods and men, and relates that even Zeus stood in awe of her.

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Nina Y.'s Twisted Fairy Tales Mix Fantasy with Surrealism

Blessed and maybe damned are those to earn a mermaid's love. Cursed to a terrible doom those who betray it.

The Waters of Life, Death and Truth. For in them lies a glimpse of our trues selves ,if we have the bravery and wisdom to be able see them.

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How to Dress As a Fairy for Halloween (Teen Girls)

This snowflake fairy is really enchanting. She is pictured amongst whirlwind of beautiful glittering snowflakes and this image is so magnetic. The winter theme makes the whole image penetrating and a little bit crispy. It is a visualization of a magic dream.