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Metal Roofing Photo Gallery | Metal Roofing Alliance | Photos Of Metal Roof Types and Styles

Another metal roofing option.. This site has some good information about metal roofing and DIY.. Just click on the picture to follow the link.

One of the best things I've read in a long time. So many of these things we do already, and it really does make your home a happy one. Worth reading :)

Rubbermaid Paint Buddies. Put your left over paint in them and retouch anytime you want. Amazing!

house into home on a thriftstore budget

Master bedroom

Nice roof for the Dream Home.

paint, porch, doors, shutters = new house

movable facade

copper colored metal roofing | Metal Roof Network

home office

metal roof

The outlets around here are all beige, and the new board and baton is white. This tutorial will be very helpful when I change a few of them out.......D.

metal roof

Rad house mixing traditional and modern. // Hugh Randolph Architects