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Rings of hammered brass coated in luminous sterling silver loop around your wrist in this classic accessory.

Marvelous mint and soft plum combine in this classic bangle, which will bring a touch of spring to any season's look.

Bring a new twist to classic black and grey shades with this wear-with-all ombre necklace. Elegant and trendy, this chunky paper bead piece will anchor any outfit.

Worn solo or as a pop of color with our set of three Delta River Bangles, this piece brings modern color blocking to a traditional Vietnamese craft.

A trio of cut brass arrows hang to create a deconstructed chevron look, giving a new twist to a favorite trend.

Unique and attention-getting, these twists of colored thread and golden beads cinch around your wrist to brighten any day.

Roomy and bright, this go-to bag is inspired by the lush landscape of Rwanda, the country where it is carefully stitched. Our Noonday customers put a group of women through sewing school in Rwanda and this is part of their first collection. Thanks to their new skills and work opportunity, these women are able to create a more stabilized income for themselves and their families. 19